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Bio-Energy Holdings, Inc. is committed to responsible stewardship of our environment through the use of patented technology, the A-Ceptor TM in the collection of liquid brown trap grease(LBGT) and its conversion into biodieselfuel.  It has been BEH's mission to be part of the solution to the ever growing problem of this nuisance waste that produces 4 billion pounds annually. 


Modular, Free Standing, Transportable, Leaseable, Expandable

A-Ceptor TM

Relax and clear your mind.

Modular Biodiesel Plants

1.5-5 MGY Skid Biodiesel Plant with 10,000 Square foot footprint


Stainless Steel A-Ceptor TM

Plants are right sized to available feed stock supply based on size of the metropolitan area.

Our A-Ceptor TM systems have been placed in food service facilities, restaurants prisons, casinos, food processing plants since 1993.

FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) when dumped into aerobic digestors upsets the bugs in sewage plants.  To break the FOG down requires the use of chlorine to oxidize it prior to discharge in order to meet NPDES discharge permit levels.  But when clorine reacts with carbon molecules, trihalomethanes (THMs) are formed which are carcinogens released to our rivers, lakes and streams.  And we wonder why cancer levels are increased in more heavilly populated areas.  If we harvest the FOG and recycle it, we no longer poison ourselves with restaurant gray water discharge while providing viable feedstock, creating jobs and energy independence through production of Green carbon neutral biodiesel fuel.   

ISO Based Containers creating a product that is not only relocatable but also shippable anywhere in the world.

Even the best interceptors need to be serviced on a regular basis and should be available to be serviced 24/7 without disrupting restaurant operations.

Modular or Buried Transfer Stations Can harvest FOG and discharge compliant effluent back into the local aquifer.

Great things are happening at Bio-Energy Holdings this new year!  In January,, our marketing team designed a new logo.  Not only does it express the worldwide potential for our business, but it also embraces our committment to responsible stewardship of our environment and our mission to be a part of the solution to the ever-growing problem od nuisance waste generated by a huge food industry. 

 Our new message, "Modular Based, Renewable Energy & Resource Recovery Systems" what we do in simple terms.  Basically, this message is "BEH in a nutshell"!

Along with our new look and our new message, we have a new address.  We have relocated our corporate headquarters to Center Valley, PA.  This region has an established corporate presence and is centrally located to New York and Philadelphia, as well as major highways, restaurants, hotels and airports.

BEH is taking off, so don't be left behind!  We have a tremendous Career and Job Opportunity Program and are looking  for Independent Representatives and Independent Dealers , so don't miss out on this opportunity.  We love referrals, so if you have others to share this investment with, we can help!  Call us at our corporate office or email us at We're waiting to hear from you!

The BEH Green Team 

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