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"Modular based renewable energy and resource recovery systems"

Bio-Energy Holdings, Inc. (BEH), a Wyoming incorporated company with corporate offices in Greentown, PA is a partnering program, specifically for Environmental Service Providers (“ESPs”)A.K.A. haulers and pumpers, to become part of a select family of BEH licensed representative independent service agents for the collection of Liquid Brown Trap Grease (LBTG) from restaurants.  Most ESPs will already be servicing these restaurant grease traps; however BEH’s program provides a new, unique opportunity for ESPs to be part of the BEH “green” process to turn LTBG into an energy saving B100 diesel enterprise.  Instead of paying tipping fees to dump LBTG into landfills, or the cost to deliver it to waste treatment plants, the LTBG is collected and separated into B100 diesel feed stock, and the solid waste into combustible energy generation materials!


BEH's unique system has been developed to enhance the conversion of LBTG into B100, and has also developed the collection process unit, known as an A-Ceptor, thus making the investment a two-tiered opportunity for both collection and processing.  The A-Ceptor has been designed to be modular and scalable, allowing the A-Ceptor to easily be placed at collection sites, and removable when required.  Being modular, provide simplicity of installation and removal, and the Enhanced A-Ceptor is able to be scaled in size from small to medium to large facilities, or conversely reduced in size.

BEH’s CEO, Peter Chapin, has invented and patented this collection system sized for restaurant and food service facility applications. BEH’s program creates an opportunity for ESPs to not only service and maintain the restaurant grease trap, but also be part of a total “green” solution for their customers that avoids their being fined for sewer regulation non-compliance.  Effluent from the A-Ceptoris returned to the sewer with BOD contamination less than the most stringent permitted levels.  ESPs do not lose money with the A-Ceptor, instead having the opportunity to expand their revenue potential with their customers through BEH’s sales and service programs, exclusively offered through BEH’s licensed ESP’s.A-Ceptor units are modular, allowing the A-Ceptor to be located external to the restaurant, making it independent from the restaurant and serviceable 24/7.

The containerized systems, for both the A-Ceptorand the Enhanced A-Ceptor, in addition to being scalable and highly transportable, permit individual units to be replaced, should problems occur, and are also a leasable commodity by individual modularized units.  The BEH LBTG harvesting process is NOT to be with the vegetable type oil (French Fry) yellow grease processes.  LBTG is a sludge waste that is increasing in quantity and currently polluting our landfills, causing sanitary sewer problems and overflows, and creating fines for food service establishment owners.         



·         No More Tipping or Dumping Fees

·         Sales Allowance for A-Ceptor units sold to customers  ·         Multi-tier Service Level Program ·         Saleable B100 Feed Stock

·         24/7 Service Access to A-Ceptor

·         No More Costly, Time Consuming  Grease Trap Clogs


Bio-Energy Holdings Creates a Socially Responsible Solution to Restaurant Liquid Brown Trap Grease

BEH has develped a unique collection process unit, known as the A-Ceptor TM that is modular, provides simplicity of installation or removal, and is easily serviced.  The A-Ceptor collects and processes LBTG before it becomes a restaurant trap problem.  The containerized A-Ceptor TM is scallable to the restaurant size and modular, allowing it to be placed outside a restaurant for serviceability, eliminating potential odors

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